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With many years of experience trading in shipping containers there's not much we haven't done with them. They're very versitile. If you ever need a container - and a lot of people do - we can help.

Who We Are

It's as if someone got a focus group together and asked the question; "what else can you do with a shipping container apart from using it for shipping?"

I remember doing one of those about paper clips. It took about 10 minutes to come up with 27 new uses - everything from hanging baubles on a Christmas Trees (turn one half of the paper clip upside down to make a hook) to making an emergency fishing hook.

We do the same for containers - we use them for storage, offices, cabins, control rooms - you name it!

Our Brands

We still use the name Parsons Containers but you may also come across us as ContainerContainer or U Hold The Key

At containercontainer we supply shipping containers all over the UK for all sorts of uses.

As U Hold The Key Self Storage we were one of the first in the UK to use the shipping container for self-storage

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For container sales and hire visit our containercontainer website. For Self Storage visit our U Hold The Key web site.

To contact Parsons Containers at our head office you can call us on 01740 62 99 99 or return the following enquiry.


Parsons Containers supply containers throughout the UK click here to view the places where we sell containers.

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